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Friday 5 December, 8.00pm

James Cabaret
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Saturday 6 December, 8.00pm

James Cabaret
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Tuesday 6 January

Mercury Lounge
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Thursday 8 January

Community Arts Centre
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Friday 9 January

Kean Stage
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Saturday 10 January

Symphony Hall
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Sunday 11 January

Zeiterion Performing Arts Centre
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Tuesday 13 January

The American Theater
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Wednesday 14 January

McGlohon Theater at Spirit Square
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Thursday 15 January

Hodgson Concert Hall at University of Georgia
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Sunday 18 January

The Palladium Theater
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Tuesday 20 January

The Marina Civic Center
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Friday 23 January

OCCC Performing Arts Theater
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Saturday 24 January

McKinney Performing Arts Center
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Sunday 25 January

The Belmont
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Colour range: Turquoise Blue for fellas; Fuchsia Pink for ladies, Black for goths and everybody.
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Other Stuff

7 November 2014

We are so proud to present our debut album, Be Mine Tonight. It's a singalongable package of goodness made in Wellington, New Zealand, featuring heaps of beloved Kiwi songs. Order it now from iTunes!

31st July 2013

To celebrate our first show at the Edinburgh Fringe (and our first show in the northern hemisphere), here's our newest music video! Directed and edited by Megan Vertelle, with puppets by Maiangi Waitai (aka Who Is Dead Martin?). It's a puppet frenzy.

17th June 2013

We are off to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and we need your help to get there! Check out our PledgeMe crowd-funding campaign, and help us to put the "international" into Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra!


11th March 2013

Done and dusted! Thanks to everyone who came along to our incredible tour with the Amazing James Hill and his secret weapon, Anne Janelle. Unforgettable.

James Hill & the WIUO


9th February 2013

Andy and Nigel recorded this version of Nick Cave’s “Breathless” during a 95bFM Roundhead Session. Nigel is wearing pants. The song is available to download at iTunes and Amplifier.

9th December 2012

We recorded this version of The Bats' Boogey Man for 95bFM's In Session series at Roundhead Studios during our last New Zealand tour. Nigel is not wearing any pants.

25th November 2012

Our lo-fi, totally budget video making history continues with This Charming Man. We filmed this video entirely on our cellphones during our recent trip to Australia. The song is on our "I Love You..." EP. There are two sets of nipples - see if you can spot them! (They are male nipples, so it's SFW.)

15 November 2012

By popular request and in response to Francis' Fashion Tips for Men, read what the ladies of the band have to say about style, hair, makeup and Chris Knox's jandals here..

18 September 2012

By popular request, band member Francis Salole noted down his fashion tips for men. "You have testicles so use them to wear what YOU want to without needing the approval of others." Click here for the rest of his masterpiece!

03 October 2011

We are delighted to release our fourth and longest-playing EP, "I Love You..."
Recorded in Wellington, New Zealand and featuring amazing artwork by Maiangi Waitai, we reckon it's pretty choice. Head on over to our Recordings page to find out how to get your hands on it.

08 October 2009

Made in 11 minutes with a budget of $5.98 made on our New Zealand Tour after a show at the Boathouse in Nelson, we proudly present our new music video to go with our interpretation of the Coral's 'Dreaming of You':

11 September 2009

Ukes on the telly pimping an upcoming tour and CD, and teaching the lovely Samantha Hayes to play the Ukulele - check it out on TV3's Nightline

15 August 2009

Hidden Track, the 2008 Winners of Weblog's Best Music Blog have written an charming review of our MFC gig...we are blushing!

28 June 2009

Twice in one night. Go Wellington! Not just in a public transport kinda way, but in an almost unstoppable mexican wave kinda way. Thanks to our two x 2000+ strong audiences who seemed to LIKE IT, and our appreciators, for their glowing feedback.

22 June 2009

It has been pointed out to us that there have been some serious grammatical errors on our website since late 2008. We take this matter very seriously. It's like having food between your teeth all night and your friends not saying anything. It's a good way to work out which fans really love you. Thanks Peter.

26 February 09

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra week on Ukulele Hunt

02 February 09

Ukulele taking New Zealand by storm - 3 News

31 January 09

"Plucky Ukuleles hit the top note" on the IMNZ Independent Album Charts January 2009 at #1 (A Little Bit Wonderful EP) ~and~ #8 (The Heartache EP). Thanks for buying and appreciating our music, New Zealand!

But the bragging doesn't stop there; oh no.
You see, Age Pryor features on the Woolshed Sessions at #3, Bret and the Conchords are #9, and Dan our bassist plays on another album in the top 10..

Wellington music is the clear winner at the end of the day - 8 out of 10 of the top albumns in Jan. Kia ora for that!

18 January 09

Our Not So lazy Summer Tour was a complete sellout! Sorry to those who missed out. We promise to play bigger venues next time so that you don't miss out again!

3 December 08

Hey sugar, take a walk on the wild side with Howe Gelb.
We have a sneaky new song only available on myspace! Check out our myspace page for more details.

It's a Heartache Video
On its first day on Youtube, our video was #1 - Most Viewed, #2 - Top Favorited , #2 - Top Rated and #3 - Most Discussed of New Zealand Music. Cool.

The Heartache video is special to us for so many reasons. It was made by our hypertalented friend Tim Capper from Another Planet, set in the Official Home of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra - Deluxe Cafe in and shot on the occasion of our penultimate Deluxe Morning Gig, commemorating the end of 3 years of playing the first Thursday mornings of every month.

We hope that you love it, and share it with your friends (especially those folks who braindrained our city, buggering off overseas to earn the big bucks. Hopefully it will seduce them back!).Thanks to all our devoted Thursday morning gig fans, and the dangerous and sexy staff of Deluxe.

To ensure you are kept in the loop, join the facebook fan group or our Myspace!

22 Movember 07

Sigourney Weaver came to our last private gig, launching the Intersect Network, which made front page news. We were delighed to have her hubby Jim up on stage with us for a few tunes.

8th May 07

Oh what a night...Forgive the name dropping, but thanks to Chris Knox, Don Mc Glashan and Annie Crumber for making it so memorable. And thanks to our audience for documenting it...


On 27 June 2009 we played two magical shows at Wellington's Michael Fowler Centre. From that show, we made two lovely videos for you in which we perform John McDougall's 'I Love You, Raylene' and Randy Newman's 'Short People'. We'd like to thank everyone who came to the show, and everyone who helped us make it happen, including these magical people...

Cinematography: Warren Green, Neil Stichbury, Marty Williams, Tammy Peters, Grahame Sydney

Crew runner: Zelda Edwards
Editor: Jonno Woodford-Robinson
Editing facilities: Cubic Studio, Wellington, NZ
Sound recording: Andrew Dalziel and Radio NZ Concert; Brett Stanton
Sound mix: Brett Stanton
Stage design: Megan Vertelle
Lighting design: Jennifer Lal
Hair: CHOP, Wellington, NZ
Makeup & Costumes: Models' own
Event management: Kate Mulligan and her crew (Karen Blyth, Chris Morley-Hall & Jacqui Pryor).

Produced by The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra